The winegrowers of the region built in the limestone magnificent troglodyte cellars similar to the regions of Champagne or Saint Emilion. Their function was to preserve their wines in ideal conditions in terms of temperature and humidity. The regions around Vouvray and Montlouis-sur-Loire are among those with the greatest diversity of plantings for white, red and rosé wines. For white wines, Chenin Blanc is the main grape variety but Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay are also found. For the red wines, Cabernet Franc predominates along with Cabernet Sauvignon, Gamay and Malbec. The rosé wines are the product of a blend of gamay, pineau d'aunis, pinot gros and pinot noir.

The villages of Vouvray and Montlouis-sur-Loire represent the region producing the most white wines resulting from the chenin blanc. Dry, semi-dry, sweet and sparkling wines are produced. The sweet wines are the result of noble rot following late harvests. The best vintages have an incredible aging potential of more than 40 years. Sparkling wines are produced with the traditional method. The bubbles come from a second fermentation in the bottle, the prise de mousse. Vouvray and Montlouis-sur-Loire were in the 16th century the region of the kings of France. Today, these villages produce a royal grape variety, the chenin blanc!