This vineyard covers 532 hectares. The white wines are composed of Sauvignon between 60 and 80%, blended with Arbois and Chardonnay. A small quantity is produced in sparkling wine. The reds are a blend of gamay and pinot noir. These light and fruity wines are made to be consumed young.

The wines of Cour-Cheverny are made from 100 percent Romorantin grapes. They are dry, tender and powerful. They have an incredible aging potential of up to 25 years for the best vintages. The Cour-Cheverny exists today thanks to King François 1er. On his return from Italy, the king stopped in Burgundy. He brought back with him 80 000 vines of Romorantin. Today, Cour-Cheverny is the only appellation using this grape variety.