Those Terms and Conditions of Sales apply to all operation of sales concluded by SARL VOUVRAY 47, commercial entity of Caves Ambacia.

According to the type of product sold, special conditions applies.

Caves Ambacia sell tickets, products and services.

The Terms and Conditions of Sales hereby and the special conditions applicable according to the sold product are integral parts of the Contract of Sale. They come into effect on the 01/01/2017 and annul and replace the other previous conditions of sales.


All the clients of Caves Ambacia recognize having the capacity to contract according to the terms and conditions described below, meaning they are the age of the majority or over and they are not under any guardianship.

All clients of SAS Caves Ambacia recognize being knowledgeable of the present terms and conditions of sales before making an order. Therefore making an order signify the agreement to all general terms and conditions and all special conditions of sales in Caves Ambacia and its acceptance with no reserve on the entirity of their propositions.


All prices are displayed in Euros. Taxes are included.


Consult our website for the opening and closing hours of the Caves Ambacia. If part of the Caves are not available for the visit any given day (example : construction work), this partial closing will be announced before paying and therefore will not be reimbursed in any way.


We define Force majeure any events outside of the scoop of any partie involved, that is both impredictable nor unsurmountable, that impede either Caves Ambacia or the client, the agency, the service providers involved, the implementatation of the visit or the tour, or impede the execution of part or all of the obligations planned by the contract.

By agreement, it will be noted as a case of force majeur any strikes of transport, personnel insurrection, riots and prohibition dictated by the governmental or public authorities, as well as extreme weather conditions.

It is expressly agreed that a case of force majeur suspends for all parties involved the execution of their reciprocal obligations.

In addition all parties are responsible for their costs incurred due to force majeure conditions : in consequence, the client is responsible for his cost incurred while allowing the continuation of the visit or the tour.


In application of the Law 78-17 mentioned as Informatique et Libertés, the clients are warned that their order is subjected to a nominative computerized treatment. The right of access and rectification guaranteed by law is given to SARL VOUVRAY 47 in its headquarter.


In each establishment of Caves Ambacia , the internal regulation is freely retrievable. In the case of non-respect of the propositions of the Internal Regulation or Evacuation Plan, the personnel is habilitated to proceed with the expulsion of any offender without possible recourse. Expulsed clients in this context cannot in any way be reimbursed.


Every incident taking place on the site of Caves Ambacia and engaging the responsibilities of the last is subjected to a claim to the reception services of the site the same day of the incident.

Every claim must be submitted in the 15 days following the object of claim :

By mail : contact@caves-ambacia.fr

Every claim must be submitted in the 15 days following the object of claim :

Caves Ambacia 

56 rue du rocher des violettes 37400 AMBOISE


In case of a litigation or lack of amicable agreement, the competent court will be the one of the location of the Caves Ambacia.



Ticket purchase is done :

at the ticket office of Caves Ambacia 56 rue du rocher des violettes

on the website www.caves-ambacia.fr

Ordering procedure on-line on the Website : the order is done in French.

In that effect, the Client chooses the services and places them in his basket. After clicking on « commander », he reports his information in the respecting field, then he verifies that the order includes the designation, price and modalities of payments of service, as well as the eventual handling fees, before validating.

The tickets are bought in that manner can be printed or downloaded on a mobile phone.


The order is firm irrevocable for the Client and he can not cancel it and can only modify it according to terms and conditions.


Prices of service are those indicated on the brochures of Caves Ambacia et/ou on its Website. They are in Euros and include all taxes.

They do not include personal expenses of clients incurred in the Caves Ambacia.

When the price is conditioned by the age of children, the age on the first day of the service is taken into consideration. A justification may be asked at any time by the personnel of the Caves Ambacia. If no justification can be shown, the adult price will be applied.

In the same manner, all beneficiary of reduced prices may be asked to bring a proof of eligibility.


The tickets have a date of validity and are valid only for either a period mentioned on the ticket or valid on a specific date indicated on the ticket.